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At Rigid Foam Insulation Guys, we offer specialized services in rigid insulation such as polystylene, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam boards at low cost. You can be certain qulity, standard and efficient rigid foam insulation to suit your specific requirements. I furtherance to this, you will get extruded, expanded and foil faced foam boards. Our experts are highly knowledgeable on the workings of these rigid insulation materials and will therefore help you make the most out of your investment. Thermal performance is an important element of the rigid insulation.



Through us, you will find exterior and interior walls insulated with millions upon millions of tightly packed cells for enhanced insulation. This packing of cells tightly to form a compact form is aimed at interrupting the flow of heat out of your building. Our experts will carry out a thorough lying of the rigid foam so that you can maximize heat conservation. Call us on 800-496-8910 and share the ideas you have with our experts so that you can be enlightened on the various types of rigid foam boards available and their use for your insulation. This way, you reap big in terms of money, time and effort that you put into it.


Customized rigid insulation Services

At Rigid Foam Insulation Guys, aims at providing air tight insulation that perfectly suits your specific requirements. Out of practice, our experts understand very well that the conventional fiberglass or batt insulation is not tight enough to stop the continuous flow of heat out of your structure. You will require something that is rigid enough to offer the requisite thermal resistance. None of the materials come close to rigid foam insulation in the provision of air tight heat loss resistance. Our experts will assist you in the procurement of the various types of rigid foam boards available in the market for your convenience.

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You will also benefit from the following:

High quality service is what our highly qualified technicians will offer. Are you tired of rude, careless and messy technicians at your site? Our technicians are disciplined and will therefore not show you any sign of indiscipline while working. Should they display any undesirable behavior, you will be entitled to a free service.

* Repair

Repair work is important in ensuring that the rigid foam boards are well fitted to minimize gaps that may lead to heat loss. We have a warranty based contract that insures against faulty repair work. Should you find any defect or fault in the installation, you will receive free repair. Call us on 800-496-8910 for more information.

* Replacement install

Sealing joints and edges requires skill and tact. Our experts will use saw or knife to cut and fit and glue the edges perfectly. Where such installation fails to function as expected, it will be necessary to uninstall and replace such fitting with new ones at no extra charge. If you are not for the replacement install, you will get a refund.

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